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How We Got Our Start

My name is Mike and I want to  thank you for choosing Mike's mobile laundry. I grew up in Atlanta and one of my chores growing up was washing clothes for the family. I couldn't stand washing clothes as a teenager. I had to carry two loads of laundry down to the laundromat every Saturday morning because the laundromat in the apartments never worked. Now that I'm a family man I understand the importance of the role I had. I know it's hard for some people to work 40 hours or even more and have no time to wash clothes because when you're off then your work at home begins whether it's your kids or a side job or you're simply exhausted. Let Mike's mobile laundry handle all your laundry needs. We'll pick up, wash, fold, and deliver your clothes back to you in 24 hours. There is a same day service available. We use a top of the line detergent such as Tide, Gain, etc. You can also provide your own detergent if you wish. Just place it in the bag with your laundry. We will also provide laundry bags which you'll receive after your first wash. Don't stress over something as simple as laundry. Let us handle that for you. Thanks again for choosing Mike's mobile laundry.


How it works

Simple.  Sign up. Choose a subscription that works best for you.  Example: Choose the 3 load subscription and you are able to schedule to have 3 loads of laundry washed in 30 days/1 month. Don't want to wash 3 loads at once. That's fine. Wash 1 load one week then the other 2 loads the next week or wash 1 load 3 weeks in a row. It's totally up to you. And because we're subscription based no need to worry about payment as well. We'll automatically charge your Credit/debit card once every 30 days so you don't have to worry about washing and coins at all. You are able to cancel at ANYTIME!!! When you're ready for a wash, text or call our number with your pick up and drop off location and we'll be there. It's that simple. 

 Monthly Laundry Prices



Open 7 days a week and orders must be placed by noon of that day to pick up that same day. If placed after 12pm your laundry will be picked up the next business day. Pick up and drop off will be 8am - 12p. Laundry will be delivered the next day at address of your choice and picked up at address of your choice. Free Pick up and delivery.



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